List of Common Available Ports On Cloud And VPS Servers

Inside our Cloud and VPS hosting services we want to make assured our clienteles have the skill to host their services without any limits located on by the ports they can use. In the following list are the exact ports we allow our cloud and VPS clients to use within their services.

FTP (data): port 20
FTP (Control): port 21
SSH (ssh, scp, copy, sftp): port 22
TELNET: port 23
SMTP: port 25
RDATE: port 37
WHOIS: port 43
DNS: port 53
HTTP Alt: port 8080

POP3: port 110
IDENT: port 113
IMAP4: port 143
HTTPS: port 443
SMTP TLS/SSL: port 465
RSYNC: port 873
IMAP SSL: port 993
POP3 SSL: port 995

MSSQL: port 1433
MYSQL: port 3306
PgSQL: port 5432

cPanel default port: port 2082
cPanel over SSL (most common): port 2083
cPanel WHM default: port 2086
cPanel WHM SSL (most common): port 2087
cPanel License: port 2089
cPanel Webmail: port 2095
cPanel Webmail SSL: port 2096
cPanel Chat: port 6666

Plesk default port: port 8087
Plesk default port SSL: 8443

Webmin (SSL and Non-SSL): port 1000

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